Tips To Lighting Older Homes - Lighting Styles
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Using Modern and Contemporary Lighting in Older Homes

White light modern lamp

There are a numerous ways to create a stylish and modern look with different lighting products. Indeed, the overall style of a lighting scheme can set the template for a home's general look and feel.

But when you consider the home's age, design and interior furniture items, the interesting possibility of a contrast appears. That is, you can use modern lighting styles to produce a creative contrast within an older home, bringing out a sharp distinction between the lighting products and the more traditional features of the home.

Here then, are some tips for using modern and contemporary lighting in older and more traditional homes.

Pendant light fixture

Using Pendant Lights

Using pendant lights at different height levels is a good way of producing a relaxed contemporary look in a traditional home. The lights can enhance the appeal of some of the more refined and older items in the home, without being too overwhelming a difference. Try matching different colours and finishes on the pendants with furniture and objects in the room for a nice linking effect.

Modern Chandeliers

This linking effect can also be used with other lighting features. For example, the installation of a tasteful and modern chandelier can successfully bridge the gap between an older home and a more modern style. The sharp and focused lines of a contemporary chandelier design will bring out the older classic features of the space.

70s ball stylish lamp

Filling the Room With Light in Style

Modern ceiling fixtures and collections of globes are great for contrasting a modern artistic style with a more reserved classic taste. The light fittings can be used to really bring out the older aspects of the home's look and feel and showcase how the past lives on in the present and complements it.

Floor lamps to create intrigue

Lively new designs of floor lamps help to bring out a home's potential for intrigue and curiosity. As we've seen, it is all about the contrast, and using modern and artist lighting effects will help to produce an interior look that friends and visitors won't be able to get enough of. It is in the ability to produce a surprising and different look, that keeps an older home looking fresh and comfortably alive.

The idea of the contrast of the lighting features with the home itself is to benefit both the overall lighting levels and also the overall look. A surprising or unusual addition to an older home can bring it to life in all sorts of unexpected ways.