Tips To Lighting Up Your Garden - Lighting Style
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Tips for Lighting Up Your Garden in Style

Hanging bulb in garden

Enjoying a home's garden and outdoor space is one of life's great pleasures. Being able to do so both comfortably and safely is a major part of the appeal. Outdoor lighting is crucial in making this possible. But how best to arrange a lighting scheme that is reliable, secure and great looking? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your garden.

Why Use Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting offers the distinct advantage of providing an attractive way to highlight features in the garden. It is able to showcase favourite parts of the garden and different areas, such as ponds, trees and foliage. Using lights in the garden can make entertaining outside easier. Paths, steps and access routes to the home can be lit up making the space more secure and safer.

There are a wide variety of options for exterior lighting. The latest designs offer the best in technology and style, and can suit whatever kind of look you are going for with your garden space.

Garden at night Lantern fence

Safety and Security

As well as looking great at night and creating a wonderful ambience, there is also a safety element involved in making the garden visible at night. Path lights and step lights mark the way for garden users looking to go to and from the house.

Spike lights are a great for acting as path lights. Not only are they easy to secure along the path and add a neat and charming appearance to the pathway, they also are useful for a general overview of the whole garden. The direction of the spotlights can easily be altered making the lights as adaptable and convenient as they are reliable.

Types of Garden Lights

As well as spike lights, there are lots of other kinds of garden lights. Think about using LED strip lighting to illuminate steps and decking. A good overview of ambient lighting is possible with deck lights discreetly positioned in the deck beams. This sort of gentle light also works well as step lights.

Planning a Garden Lighting Scheme

When planning a lighting scheme for your garden ask yourself exactly what needs to be lit up. Points of interest including paths, patios, fences and trees could all be illuminated attractively, bringing a pleasing look and feel to the outdoor space. Also think about where you will need to lay out the wiring for the lights and how powerful you need them to be in terms of illumination.

Garden at night Lantern light


Lanterns are often a favourite with residents looking to add a permanent fixture in their gardens that hints at an old world charm and bohemian artfulness. As a way of bringing a visible landmark to the area, lanterns are very useful and provide an interesting aspect to the garden.

By thinking about how you want to use your garden and what kind of look you're trying to showcase, you can begin to light up your garden in style.