Garage Lighting - Lighting Style
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Guide to Lighting a Garage

Lighting Garage to my Home

All too often the lighting in a garage is overlooked. This is a shame, as a good working lighting layout can really help how the garage looks and works. The lights are key to defining the space and allowing it to be the best place for whatever you plan to use the garage for. Be it a place to store a car, bikes, camping equipment or simply a leisure space, the garage will benefit from the right collection of lights.

Keeping the Space Safe

Motorcycles Garage Lighting

Lights, both inside and outside the garage, are essential for keeping the area safe. Reliable lighting on the exterior of the garage acts as a deterrent to any would be burglars. They also help with guiding you safely into and out when it's dark outside.

Wall light fittings and sconces next to the garage door is often a simple and smart solution to easy and safe access. Some contemporary garage lights even have motion detection sensors attached to them, which can be turned on when you are close to the door and off when you're further away. Not only does this save money on the bills, they are also another great safety feature, capable of putting off any unwanted visitors approaching the garage.

Inside the Garage. Downlights and Fluorescents

More often than not garages will be shut closed. Therefore, they won't receive any natural light. In view of this, fixed and bright downlighting is generally a sensible way to go. LED downlights are a good option for this, as they are durable and able to withstand extreme heat fluctuations, as well as requiring no start up time. They also give off far less wasted energy than other forms of lighting, making your power output more economical.

As an alternative to LED downlighting, weatherproof fluorescent battens make sense for use in a garage's interior. Garages are prone to damp and moist conditions, and these light fittings are tough enough to operate in even the worst cases. They will distribute a bright and clear light across the whole interior and are often the choice for people looking for general lighting across the garage.

Inside the Garage. Workbenches and Tables

Garage Lighting

Garages are often a place for do it yourself jobs and repairs. If you plan on using the space for such jobs, some efficient task lighting will be called for. Think about going for a reliable, powerful light that is adjustable and can focus on exactly what you're doing.

There are quite a few choices available, but some good options include attachable work lights featuring LEDs, strip lighting for covering the area under benches and cabinets, plus rechargeable, weatherproof LED work lights perfect for positioning on the floor or a table. For detailed work where you don't want a miss a thing, clear task lighting is a must.

The lighting that you need for the garage really depends on what you plan to be doing. If it will be purely a storage space, then security lights and battens will do the trick. However, if specific hobbies and activities are going to take place in the garage then other fittings may be required.