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Bedside Lamps, Table Lamps, Desk Lamps

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Bedside Lamps, Table Lamps and Desk Lamps

Bedside lamps, table lamps and desk lamps are indoor lighting fixtures that are placed on surfaces for ambient illumination, studying, reading, working, writing or simply as a decorative piece.

Tips on bedside lamps, table lamps and desk lamps:

  • Determine in advance how much of the desk or table you want your lamp to light up. The taller the lamp the more area it will light up.
  • A desk light with an adjustable arm gives you the flexibility of manipulation, extension and angling.
  • Remember that effective lighting is best done via layering, which means coordinating your desk or table lamp with other types of lighting such as floor lamps, downlights and natural light.
  • A tall lamp which can be angled is perfect for highlighting a painting or an ornament.
  • Use your table lamps and desk lights for effect! This means choosing one that makes a statement and looks great in the room.
  • By using appropriate table and desk lamps, you can reduce the overhead lighting of the room, thereby giving your home a much softer feel.
  • For a home office, a LED desk lamp with a movable arm and a classic look is perfect.

Types of bedside lamps, table lamps  and desk lamps:

  • Classic table lamps: these are the classically shaped lamp, with an upright base and a bell shade.
  • Buffet table lamps: these are similar to the classic lamp, but have a narrower base.
  • Torchiere table lamp: these are tall, upright lamps with a bowl-shaped fixture at the top.
  • Swing arm desk lamps: these have a single arm that can be twisted around one point, and moved around.
  • Gooseneck desk lamps: these have a flexible neck to get the best lighting position.
  • Adjustable desk lamps: these can bend their arm at two or more points.
  • Organizer desk lamps: these are smaller, and meant for a work space environment.
  • Clip-on desk lamps: these clip on to the desk while you work.