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Light bases and Sockets

There are a large types of lighting bases and sockets. You need to ensure that the right base fits into your light fitting.

Bayonet Cap Light Bases

This is the common push and twist base, which is exists on most regular light bulbs. Its diameter is 22mm ands has two locating lugs.

B22 Bayonet light base
B22 Bayonet

BA15 Bayonet light base
BA15 Bayonet

BA9 Bayonet light base
BA9 Bayonet

Edison Screw Cap Light Base

The Edison bases are screw-ins, with the most popular socket (E27) having a 27mm diameter. The E14 Edison is commonly used for chandeliers and appliances.

E27 Screw light base
E27 Screw

E12 Screw light base
E12 Screw

E14 Screw light base
E14 Screw

E40 Screw light base
E40 Screw

Halogen Capsule Bases

Halogen capsule bases are designated by the number of millimeters between the pins. For example the G4 has pins 4mm apart.

G4 Halogen Capsule Base

GY6.35 Halogen Capsule Base

G9 Halogen Capsule Base

R7 Halogen Capsule Base

Downlight Bases

The most common downlights are push fit (GU4, GU5.3 or GU10). They come in various forms, including halogen and LED.

GU4 Downlight Base

GU5.3 Downlight Base

GU10 Downlight Base

Fluoresent Tube Bases

Fluorescent tubes normally have a two-pin fitting at the ends of the tube.

G5 Fluoresent Tube Bases

G13 Fluoresent Tube Bases